Thursday, March 31, 2011

A local favorite

I love to discover far off shopping destinations but one of my all time favorite experiences is just 15 minutes from my home. Fields Creek 104 is where I go when I need some inspiration and shop owner, Sharon Merschat never disappoints. Located near downtown the quaint shop is surrounded by lush natural gardens, meandering walkways and twinkling lights - not to mention water features, hardy plants that thrive in our harsh climate and architectural salvage pieces that are rare finds in our area. The shop is separated by a courtyard - the main house and a beautifully renovated garage and both are filled with wonderfully displayed, eclectic and ever changing merchandise.

Stepping into Fields Creek is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Sharon can answer any decorating or design question I may have and she and her husband, Walt welcome me as if I was a part of their family. Just like my kids and I talk about after returning from a trip… it is great to get away but even better to come home.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Soft elements

Spring in Wyoming means some sun, lots of wind and cool temperatures - not the best for sanding and painting large pieces of furniture outside so I have been happily working on some sewing projects. I slip covered the retro chair but still need to complete the cushions.

I am happy with the pillows.

And the idea of the purse came to me while I waited for my daughter at the dentist. It is lined and even has a cell phone pocket inside - very important in my book.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The power of Friendship

Here I am on my birthday trip in Oregon with three of my closest friends, my Aunt Cheri on my right, my oldest daughter Macinsey and my mom on my left.

The list of blogs I follow is long, some for the photos, some for tutorials, others for business advise but all share one common thread....appreciation of friendship. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project tells us "no matter what we are doing, people tend to feel happier when they're with other people".

Already I feel a renewed sense of comraderie with the friends who share my interest in creating and others who provide support and encouragment and excitement around my new adventure. Thank you, friends.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love this quote!

With this quote as my inspiration...I am off to create.

Happy Day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Creating balance" and remembering our "authentic selves"

I just finished these chairs and ready to start on the table! Come see them Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25. Can’t wait to see you.

Just returned from Jackson/Teton Village and walking gently on a knee after my first snowboarding experience – very fun bonding with my husband and kids as we all learned together.

Lately I have noticed, being our “authentic self” or “creating balance” seem to be a common theme on many of the blogs I follow. I appreciate this as sage advice considering I am on the beginning of my journey into occasional sales. I have contemplated the idea of remaining true to myself and have concluded that preparing for a major event such as an occasional sale, is being my authentic self because it is what I love… but not to forget how much I also love to cook a healthy meal to share with my family, and seek outdoor adventures such as snowboarding and relaxing at the lake that creates quality time with the people who love and inspire me.

In the spirit of being true to myself and giving me a better opportunity to create balance I have returned to my original idea of holding my occasional sale on my own property, a one acre rural space in a shop with a porch that was built four years ago specifically for that purpose. Four years ago circumstances were different and it ultimately was not the right time. Now is the time and my husband has graciously offered to move his belongings from the shop so I can start the process of beautifying the space. I feel more at ease since I made this decision and look forward to fulfilling this long time dream. I do not discount the idea, and appreciate the open invitation, of making a guest appearance at the Corridor sometime in the future (maybe on a cold windy day in the protection of downtown).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am inspired by Scandinavian design

Years ago I attended a “Love and Logic” conference featuring Jim Fay one of two authors of the practical parenting book series. The most important message I took from his keynote is the idea of “home being an island for our children”. Fay emphasized that the world outside our homes can be exciting and sometimes intimidating but we let our children swim out a little at a time and experience what they will. Then, when they need a reprieve and a good shot of love and support they can always swim back to our island we parents have created for that very purpose.

It is important to me to creating a home that feels comfortable to all of us who inhabit it and that it reflects our personal style. It is pretty simple…I want a home where our children can participate in the preparation of a good meal and feel comfortable inviting their friends over to play games and share in laughter and at the end of the day they can snuggle up in their fluffy beds surrounded by reminders of their accomplishments and the family that loves and supports them.

That is why I am drawn to the practicality of Scandinavian design. It is simple as well – Simple forms and timeless design, open, airy spaces and shelving, a simple color palate with a splash of color, hard surface floors and soft rugs, comfortable furniture, a table with a lamp next to every chair, and soft, practical bedding.

In the spirit of Scandinavian design - add personality and style with vintage and handmade items that warm our hearts and communicate to our visitors – what is important to us and who we are.