Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whew! We are at it again...

After a little break, following the sale, we are back at it - preparing for our Winter Sale!  How exciting! We have so many fun ideas and can hardly wait to show you.

We have big news!!  Since we last saw you....Amanda had her baby boy, Stanton Jerek.  Congratulations to Amanda and Nana Cheri and the whole Utah crew!  We can hardly wait to see him.

I am including photos taken the night before the sale by Shannon Miller of Special Moments Photography - thank you, Shannon.  I know I have other pictures floating around so I will try to get those posted on Facebook.

Thanks again to everybody who made it to our first sale - it was a kick!  See you all again in November.

(me, Whitney Asay of Petuniaz Jewelry, Macinsey, Whitney, a very pregnant mama- Amanda, Glenda, and Cheri)

Thanks to the whole crew!  You made all this possible.