Monday, May 7, 2012

What a beautiful afternoon!  I am taking a couple minutes out of creating treasures to share a few pictures with all of you.  You will notice a little something that they all have in!

First, a view of highway 220 on the way out to our new home and new location of Serendipity.  If you haven't traveled west lately - you are missing out!  Who would have known road construction could be so fascinating?  The size of the heavy equipment is amazing and the  mountain they moved and the valley they filled to build the new and improved 4 lane highway is incredible.

So what does my barn and future home of Serendipity have to do with that project?... well....

we also moved a lot of dirt to level the ground and it is to build a new and improved Serendipity and ..... neither the road construction nor my barn are complete :(!!

So after a lot of consideration I have decided to hold my next sale,  the Summer Sale on June 14, 15 and 16 at our current location - 4474 Glen Drive.

I am actually really excited about it!  It is our last spring in this house which I have loved.  Mike and I have raised our kids here and being very sentimental, it's hard to leave. I also love when my trees have leaves and perennials grow back. 

This also gives me more time to transform this barn like building located in a construction zone into a shopping dream - with some cleaning up, road base, stain, paint, lights and of course a lot of treasures (and get rid of the porta potty!) it will be a magical place!

I am throwing in a quick pic of our house - also nearing the end of construction - yeah!!

I am so excited to share our new place with all of you in the Fall/Winter of 2012. 

Until then join us as we introduce new local participants as well as the many you know and love on June 14, 15 and 16.

Keep checking back for introductions and guest blogs!

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